Illustration, Beauty, and Roots

Padmashree S.
Co-founder and Illustrator

A Visual Designer and an Architect, Padmashree has an immense interest in the Intuitive Communication of complex ideas. Having worked in Architecture firms big and small, and on Design projects varying from Commercial launch campaigns of Locally sourced and created chips to Autonomous Vehicle branding designs, She's always fascinated by the power of messaging and communicating the intent of the creators to the consumer.

At CD-Kalpa, she focusses her efforts into making sure great Ideas and potent Discussions get the attention they deserve. With Heterodox and intersectional thinking back in the Public Squares of the world, and the Mediums of mass communication at it's best era yet, along with a huge population craving to learn and create through the powers of the new on-traditional Internet centres of knowledge.

Connect with Padma on @LinkedIn, and @Instagram.