Design, Phenomena, and Situated Consciousness

Aishwarya Narayana
Co-Founder & Director of Strategy

Aishwarya is an Architect, cross-disciplinary researcher, and an Entrepreneur at the delta of Spatial Design, Psychology, and Neuroaesthetics.

Aishwarya collaborated with Natalia Olszewska (co-founder of Impronta) and Itai Palti at the Human Metrics Lab/Hume and co-developed a unique methodology for Science-informed Architecture and Urban Design. She has been on both sides of the Person-Place dialogue. As an Architect, she turns to Psychology and Neuroscience to inform decision-making in design. As a research scholar, she scientifically investigates the interaction between people, places, and urban systems to create tools for observing and articulating Spatial Phenomena.

In life, she hopes to collate and spark advancements in the paradigm of people-places interactions to evolve phenomena-based empathic design geared towards holistic wellbeing.

Connect with SummerElf20 on @LinkedIn and @Twitter and her personal blog.