We have been proactively applying our research to Community Building and Engagement as well as publishing creative productions on Conscious Design to catalyse new perspectives across different Conscious Cities Chapters at the Centre for Conscious Design.

Strategic Development

The CCD is growing as a grassroots-up and inclusive platform for advancing the conscious cities movement. My research shaped eight initiatives for catalysing Conscious Design Dialogues across disciplines to forge cross-sectoral collaborations and local networks for co-creation.

We conducted market research, business development, copywriting, and the systems design

Research and Pedagogy

Of Conscious Design as a Process and the engine for driving Conscious Cities Movement through methods, tools, and publications on on Psychology and Neuroscience Applied to Architecture and Citymaking.

Aishwarya delved into researching, writing, and speaking about the discourse on Conscious Design, its elements, & principles.

Cultural Innovation

From growing the first Conscious City chapter (Bengaluru, 2019) to expanding the movement to 36 cities across the world.

Community Engagement and Programme management that involves over 150 fellows from many professional and cultural backgrounds.

Through CD-Kalpa, we are leading the engagement design, planning, coordination, and execution.