Conscious Design for Community Building

A creative production for explaining Conscious Design as a vehicle for social change; a catalyst for Conscious Cities.

Mapping Social Cognition in Rural and Urban Environments

Investigation of the differences in the impact of Indian rural and urban environments on real world functioning disability in patients recovering from Schizophrenia.

We mapped three spatial variables built-space density, habitable green spaces, and places for socio-cultural interaction across three major sites and are now studying their correspondence with socio-cognitive and socio-emotional aspects of social cognition across the participants.

In collaboration with National Institute for Mental Health and NeuroScience (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, India

Remember the (Space)Time?

In collaboration with Cognitive Neurology Clinic, we set up an interactive installation to understand human metrics pertaining to Conscious Ageing. As a tactile installation, it was not only playful and enjoyable but also intellectually engaging as reported in the feedback we received.

The data collected from this pilot upon is unveiling promising correspondence between particular localities and the ageing-related human metrics therein. This initiative, when scaled and fine tuned for every local ward in the city, will help us further develop a framework for addressing conscious ageing in a complex Indian city like Bengaluru.

Benglauru Local Covid Awareness and Response Emergency Sahaya

In 2020, we were invited as Design consultants by Janaagraha and the city's Municipal corporation (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) to collaborate with civic organisations, volunteer groups, tech-startups, disaster relief workers, front-line workers during the onset of COVID-10 pandemic.

We engaged the volunteers and their organisations through a series of discussions to understand and translate their needs and expectations from an online-integrated platform for creating and supporting COVID-19 related awareness at hyperlocal (ward-level) scale through effective visual communications design - from colour schemes, layouts for the pages, the narrative design of the training as well as public outreach materials and the logo.

Now called BBMP WDC (Ward DETER committee) Ward DEcentralised Triage and Emergency Response Committees


Living with pandemic, is an initiative we undertook in collaboration with Srilakshmi, a Social Behavioural Strategist. The team collated a series of printable posters/communications materials as Nudges - creative behavioural strategies for adapting our environments to COVID-19 preparedness.

Since 2019, CD Kalpa has been the engine driving the strategic development of Conscious Design as a system for grassroots-up urbanism and cultural activism. This year, we hosted the Conscious Cities Festival 2021: The Person-Space Continuum. As Conscious Design Kalpa, we coordinated the planning and curation of local Conscious Cities events being executed by CCD fellows across 36 city chapters around the world!

Lectures and Workshops on Conscious Design

We have been actively cultivating awareness about science-informed design and developing learning tools and pedagogy around Conscious Design.

We have conducted workshops and guest lectures at some of the most prestigious schools of architecture in India - the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP), S.P.A Bhopal, RV College of Architecture as well as on an e-learning platform, Designopolis.