Cross-disciplinary Research

Our research collaborations and projects with other Think-Tanks and Research Institutes.

Neuroaesthetics & Urban Phenomena

Creative explorations at the intersection of Neuroaesthetics, Multimedia Design, and Community Building through Artistic Engagements.

Platform for Urban Dialogues

Multidisciplinary dialogues, debates, talks, and community engagement towards Inclusion and Holistic Wellbeing in Indian Cities starting with Bengaluru.

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Systems Design for a Global Network

We have been proactively applying our research and experience in Community Building to design and implement a system for Grassroots-up Urbanism internationally through our work at The CCD.

In that journey, we have published several creative productions on Conscious Design to create awareness as well as catalyse new perspectives across different Conscious Cities Chapters & the Intent Ecosystems.

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Science-Informed Design Consultancy

In collaboration with Natalia Olszewska (Co-Founder @Impronta) and Itai Palti, we co-developed a unique methodology for 'Science-Informed Design'. We evolved it across 12 projects with clients across different stages of design - concept, detailing, through to post-occupancy.

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